Mogmo delivers Interactive Solutions for Content Creation, Conversion and Delivery.

Our solutions

Solutions for Advertisers

  • Context aware advertisement embedded into digital content delivered to mobile, PC and TV endpoints.
  • Optimization of advertising profit through intelligent targeting based on user statistics, user profiling and integrating with content context.
  • Advertisement integrated into electronic delivery of newspapers to the mobile and PC; electronic comic & book delivery; video, game and movie delivery to TV
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Solutions for Publishers

  • Digitization and Image Enhancement platform with Patent pending article recognition from print material.
  • Article content analysis merged with user interest is used to deliver a personalized newspaper to each individual user.
  • Digitization and Image Enhancement platform with patent pending text area recognition and comic frame recognition technology.
  • Mobile and PC viewrs including KETAI mobiles and IPhone.
  • Comics books translation platform which dramatically simplify the translation process.
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Solutions for Broadcasters

  • Video content upscaling using unique super resolution technology developed by Mogmo. Conversion of SD video to HD quality and Mobile video to SD quality.
  • IP-STB and broadcast server platform that provides enhanced user experience!
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Solutions for Content creators

  • Solution for amateur and professional comics authors to monetize their books and sell directly to customer.
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